About US

“FAM” stands for Foreign Art Museum and our mission is to support refugee artists by providing them a place where they can showcase their talents and share their cultures with the Dutch Society.

As you know, Art can be a great tool to learn & connect with different cultures. In addition, Museums can play an important role to promote diversity within a society. However, we found out that there are almost no known galleries/museums in The Netherlands that are solely dedicated to showcasing refugees’ artworks & cultures. It is time for a change and to highlight our beautiful multicultural society, don’t you think?

What We Stand For

  • We believe that it’s important to promote cultural diversity in our society.
  • We believe that it’s fun to learn about each other’s cultures.
  • We also believe that it’s important for everyone to get an equal opportunity to be represented in our society, Don’t you?

That’s why we started our initiative ‘Foreign Art Museum’, to not only offer support to refugee artists but also, to establish a collective art space to celebrate their cultural heritage. We would like to represent each refugee country by their artists and give them a space to share their talents and cultures. By doing this we also create a space for locals to learn more about the artworks/cultures of the newcomers living among them. Furthermore, this could be a great addition to the art/cultural scenes in Amsterdam/Netherlands.

Luckily we found a great space to set up our Museum in Amsterdam. This space is managed by Lola Luid which is a social hub in Amsterdam. With your support, we’ll be able to keep this space and connect more talented artists to our platform.

FAM Foundation​